2010 February news archive

12 February

'Robin Hood tax' could help make homes more energy efficient

A 'Robin Hood tax' on all transactions between financial institutions that has been proposed by a coalition of charities, unions and aid agencies could help make homes more energy efficient.

11 February

Finding the cheapest energy provider 'crucial as more people ask for help with heating bills'

An increase has been seen in the number of people that are asking for help with their fuel bills, according to an investigation by the Oxford Mail.

10 February

Cheaper energy bills motivate homeowners to cut their carbon emissions

Most consumers are encouraged to increase the energy efficiency of their homes to slash their energy bills, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has revealed.

09 February

Make long and short-term plans to make your home energy efficient

Consumers' energy use is mainly caused by the heating and cooling of households, with the recent cold weather causing even more energy to be used.

08 February

British Gas cuts could start price war

Households should think about switching gas and electricity supplier following the announcement that one of the big six firms is to slash prices, according to Consumer Focus .

08 February

Households to be shown how to cut energy bills by becoming more energy efficient

Households will be shown how they can use energy efficient measures to reduce their gas and electricity bills by a number of new eco show homes.

04 February

Gas supplier announces price cuts

One of the UK's big six energy firms has announced substantial price cuts for customers.

03 February

Ofgem: Reform of the energy industry is needed

Action is needed within the gas and electricity industry to ensure that the UK maintains a good supply of energy and consumer costs are not pushed too high, according to Ofgem.

02 February

Feed-in tariffs 'may not benefit low income households'

Consumer Focus has responded to the government's plans for feed-in tariffs, voicing concerns about the initial cost of installing microgeneration technology.

01 February

Households to be paid for green energy production

Plans have been announced which could see households receive payments for the green energy they produce.