2010 July news archive

29 July

Business energy users 'must embrace green technology'

A switch to green practices may be the most effective way of maintaining affordable business energy bills.

28 July

Cheap gas and electricity may pay for trip to culture capital

Munich has been highlighted as a top place to visit, perhaps with the cash saved after a switch of energy supplier.

27 July

Efficiency 'results in cheap gas and electricity'

Driving down the cost of energy bills may only be possible by cutting consumption.

26 July

Business energy efficiency success for council

Cambridge City Council has reduced its business energy bill by £233,000 a year since 2005.

25 July

Cheap gas and electricity bills may be easier to achieve with smart meter

Smart meters are due to be rolled out across much of Europe.

22 July

Business energy bills could be cheaper with floor insulation

Insulating the floor of a workplace may help firms save money.

21 July

Position of property 'can result in cheap electricity bills'

Cheap electricity can be enjoyed simply by buying a home facing towards the sun.

20 July

Switch of energy supplier may work well with home power offer

Older people have options when it comes to reducing home energy bills.

19 July

Fund Singapore trip by sealing switch of energy supplier

A switch of energy supplier may free up cash for Brits.

19 July

Cheap electricity bill one benefit of insulation

Insulation may become increasingly important in the years to come.

18 July

Business energy may benefit from increased sustainability

An increased use of renewable power could help business energy customers to reduce their bills.

15 July

Switch of energy supplier could end fuel poverty

A significant number of people in the UK may lose their energy supply because of a lack of funds.

14 July

Energy-efficient homes 'to result in cheap gas and electricity bills'

An energy project in Wales aims to drive down the cost of home energy.

14 July

Visit Wales with cash saved on cheap gas and electricity rates

Saving money on energy bills could pay for a summer break in Wales.

13 July

Efficiency scheme 'will help people enjoy cheap electricity bills'

An energy efficiency project may help consumers build cheap electricity and gas bills.

12 July

Use savings from switch of energy supplier for holiday in Sri Lanka

A break in Sri Lanka may be one way to spend money saved after a switch of energy supplier.

11 July

Cheap electricity could be benefit of localised production

Renewable energy is becoming more important in Europe, says an expert.

11 July

Sticking to scheme 'will result in cheaper business energy bills'

A government scheme could help companies lower their expenditure.

08 July

Cheap electricity 'on offer to elderly'

Older people could team an offer by the government with a switch of energy supplier to reduce their bills.

07 July

US scheme could inspire Brits to enjoy cheap energy bills

An American scheme could lead the way in inspiring people to reduce their energy output.

07 July

Switching energy supplier may help to increase holiday budget

Securing cheaper energy could create cash to be used in other areas.

07 July

Switching energy supplier may help to increase holiday budget

Securing cheaper energy could create cash to be used in other areas.

06 July

Less lighting 'is one way to decrease business energy bills'

A newspaper has offered a number of tips on how to use less fuel in the workplace.

05 July

Business energy campaign launched in East Anglia

Firms in East Anglia will be offered advice on how to save energy.

04 July

New bills 'will make it easier to switch energy supplier'

A change of energy supplier is something many people could be about to consider.

04 July

Switch of energy supplier could help overcome lack of advice

Many people believe their current energy supplier is failing them.

01 July

Cheap gas may be more important than ever

The UK is using a record amount of gas and electricity.