2011 April news archive

27 April

New business energy rules come into effect

Ofgem's new rules requiring energy suppliers to give 30 days notice of price rises has come into effect.

27 April

Consider voltage optimisation to cut business energy costs

Managers looking to save money on electricity costs might like to try a voltage optimiser.

26 April

Inaccurate CRC reports 'could add to business energy costs'

PwC has warned business energy customers could pay more if their Carbon Reduction Commitment reports are inaccurate.

26 April

New business energy funds available from the Carbon Trust

Private sector firms will be able to apply for financial assistance from the organisation, to help pay for energy efficiency measures.

26 April

Business energy supply to be affected by international report?

A report by international representatives has noted that current laws will not address the potential problems of climate change.

26 April

Gas prices in the US are hindering Obama

Gas ringAs gas prices soar in America and the rest of the world, the popularity of the world's most influential leaders is plummeting according to the results of a poll released on Monday. According to the Washington Post and ABC News those that were asked said that rising gas prices are a 'serious financial hardship' and ...

26 April

Biomass could fuel UK electricity

House inside a lightbulbA new study has shown that using biomass for fuel could potentially create up to 4 per cent of the UK's cheap electricity generation according to a leading energy helpline. The UK Energy Research Centre has suggested using willow, poplar and other vegetation as fuel to help the country's growing concern over energy demand and ...

25 April

Business energy customers could note celebrity power-saving tips

Television personality Kim Woodburn has suggested a variety of ways to conserve energy.

25 April

UK business energy industry 'needs £150bn investment'

The Confederation of British Industry has expressed concern over the nation's low-carbon sector.

25 April

Use heating timers and switch energy supplier to save money?

Homeowners looking to save money on their heating bills could try fitting timers to regulate spending.

21 April

Ireland gas prices due to increase by 39.1 per cent

Blue flames of gasMany home and business owners were shocked this morning to find out that gas prices were due to rise by a massive 39.1 per cent from May 1st according to oilfiredup.com. The increase is due to one supplier, gas utility company, Pheonix, raising their prices. The new rises will see homeowners paying on average £603 ...

21 April

Carbon floor tax could impact electricity prices

Electrical dischargeAs a result of the government's introduction of a carbon floor price, many businesses could see a dramatic increase in electricity prices according to a leading energy comparison site. Not only will it have consequences for the UK but areas outside of Britain could be affected after the decision to implement a £16 a tonne ...

20 April

Fife business energy customers affected by plant demolition?

ScottishPower has demolished part of a coal-run power station near Fife.

20 April

UK electricity prices could rise by 60 per cent in 20 years

Electricty pylonThe cost of business and consumer electricity could rise as much as 60 per cent over the next 20 years because the UK relies on offshore renewables according to industry experts. The report on a major energy comparison site has stated that the cost of electricity prices is only going to rise, which could mean ...

19 April

People to compare electricity prices following new British Gas plans?

The energy supplier has installed the UK's first household electric car charging point.

19 April

EDF business energy customers could be affected by nuclear report

EDF Energy has submitted evidence to an investigation into the safety of nuclear power.

19 April

Energy prices could rise again by summer

Family of feet warming at a fireplaceConsumers are being urged to look at their gas and electricity bills before the summer and to compare energy prices online ready to switch, as many providers are due to put prices up in the coming months. The best time for getting the best deals is now according to Mark Todd, director of a leading ...

18 April

Look at business energy emissions, says Branson

Richard Branson has urged businesses to look at how they can incorporate sustainable energy or cut emissions.

18 April

Lowering thermostat 'more effective' at cutting business energy costs

An expert has said lowering the thermostat is more effective at cutting bills than double glazing.

18 April

Business energy debt reduced by British Gas

The power supplier's debt-reduction scheme is celebrating its second anniversary.

17 April

PM visits 'green village' in Oxfordshire

The prime minister has visited Tackley, one of his local constituency villages, to see how it has cut carbon emissions.

14 April

Govt scheme to help those struggling to compare gas prices?

The government has announced the relaunch of the Warm Front scheme, which will give aid to those with poor heating.

14 April

Energy comparison sites could save you up to £325-a-year

Woman keeping warm in winterA new analysis of energy comparison sites has found that customers who compare their gas and electricity prices online could save up to £325-a-year. Some other tips to help manage and keep your bills down were also stated, such as reading your gas and electricity meters after receiving a bill to ensure that their estimates ...

13 April

Free insulation to encourage gas price comparison?

Insulation manufacturer Rockwool has offered free services to British Gas customers.

13 April

Gas Prices Dropped Thanks To Recent Warm Weather

Burning Gas OvenThe price of wholesale gas dropped last week thanks to a spurt of warm weather experienced throughout the country according to Reuters. Demand is expected to fall again towards the end of this week as warm weather has been predicted again for the forthcoming weekend according to the Met Office UK. Delivery on Thursday of ...

12 April

Glasgow home and business energy to save money from funds?

ScottishPower has announced a £1.5 million fund to help 800 homes save energy.

12 April

£1 million Of Energy Could Be Derived from Waste

Green Energy PlugBusinesses and consumers across Britain who are looking at electricity prices might be interested to know that a company in Scunthorpe is saving more than £1 million by using energy generated from rubbish. Tata Steel has signed a deal with a landfill company that will help reduce carbon emissions from the site by up to ...

11 April

Business energy efficiency costs 'too much for SMEs'

An expert has said small businesses cannot afford to pay to keep their productivity carbon neutral.

11 April

SW Reports Increase In Solar Power Projects

Electrical dischargeThe annual renewable energy report has released figures showing that the South-West of the country is rapidly growing renewable electricity projects, meaning that we could soon see a change in electricity prices in the UK. Most of the new projects are dominated by domestic solar photovoltaic installations, but despite this, the government's recent policy reviews ...

10 April

Carbon capture measures to improve business energy costs?

International leaders have agreed to speed up the process of carbon capture and storage.

08 April

Energy companies are the worst culprits for incorrect bills

Lightbulb10.4 million UK households have unexpectedly owed money to their energy supplier after a discrepancy between the estimated bill and the actual amount to be paid. According to research from an energy price comparison site, energy suppliers are some of the worst culprits for getting bills wrong. Over the past two years, 27 per cent ...

07 April

Smart meters to encourage electricity price comparison?

A national roll-out of smart meters to homes could lead to changes in how they use energy, an expert has said.

07 April

Nuclear power for business energy "frightening"

An expert has said the energy source is "frightening".

07 April

New rotation crops could be the solution to UK energy targets

Yellow flameAccording to a new study, short rotation energy crops could be the answer to meeting renewable energy targets in England. The study funded by the UK Energy Research Centre found that efficient use of England's land could produce enough biomass to generate approximately 4 per cent of the country's electricity demand, meaning household and businesses ...

06 April

London scheme to encourage electricity price comparison?

A new project announced by officials in the city plans to turn household waste into renewable energy.

06 April

Energy consumers missing out on energy saving

Burning Gas OvenCustomers who fail to shop around for their energy bills are on average paying £170 more than those who compare gas and electricity prices according to the UK energy regulator. Ofgem have commented that customers who do not actively seek the market for the latest deals are losing out and should start using energy comparison ...

05 April

Govt's Middle East visit to lower business gas prices?

Energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne will be in Saudi Arabia this week to discuss high oil prices with local ministers.

05 April

UK considering subsidised power plants

Electrical dischargeFollowing the recent disaster in Japan the UK is reportedly considering new, subsidised nuclear power plants despite the recent disaster in Japan. According to reports The Green Investment Bank is set to launch in 2012 with £2 Billion and enhanced by a further £1 Billion by the government as well as receiving an estimated £15 ...

04 April

UK-Dutch connection to lower business electricity prices?

The unveiling of a connection between the UK and Dutch grids "will increase competition", an expert has said.

04 April

Wind power energy increases 24 per cent in 4th quarter

LightbulbOver 10 TWh of energy was produced by wind farms in 2010, representing 7.7 per cent year-on-year growth. This is the first time that UK wind farms have produced more than 10 terawatt hours (TWh) in a single year. The latest projections show another 3GW of power to be added by 2012. The Department of ...

03 April

Firms want business energy CRC 'scrapped'

A survey has shown that 45 per cent of businesses would like to see a carbon reduction scheme axed.

01 April

Energy production down by 5.8 per cent in 2010

Electricty pylonFigures have been released today by The Department of Energy and Climate Change outlining the UK's energy statistics for 2010. The main finding according to the results was that the total energy production dropped by 5.8 per cent in 2010. Due to the bad weather at the beginning and the end of the year total ...