2011 May news archive

31 May

How to compare gas suppliers

Burning Gas OvenGas suppliers are trying their best to offer better services to customers, and with everyone trying to cut their household expenses, competition between suppliers is bringing down prices as they compete to provide better deals. If you are not satisfied with your gas supplier, you can easily switch.  Online comparison of energy prices gives everyone ...

27 May

Top tips to reduce household bills

Woman keeping warm in winterThe average households energy bill in the UK is £1,239 a year. This is no small sum, particularly in the recession while we are trying to tighten our belts in all areas - yet many of us don't know where our energy bill money is going or how it could be reduced.  Here are our ...

25 May

Shop online for cheap energy suppliers

Burning Gas OvenWith economic woes continuing to effect Britain, people are tightening their belts and looking for ways to save money without drastically effecting their lifestyle. Searching for a bargain is an old British past time and this can come into play when it comes to saving money with your energy supplier. It's fair to say that ...

24 May

Customers urged to change gas supplier before price hikes

Burning Gas OvenPeople in the UK are being urged to switch gas suppliers before energy prices rise further, as suppliers British Gas owner Centrica and Scottish and Southern Energy have warned about price increases. Consumer Focus, the organisation that protects consumers' rights, says customers could be "grinding their teeth in frustration" after the latter energy supplier became ...

19 May

Scotland pushes for 100 per cent renewable energy

Electricty pylonThe Scottish government has today pledged to commit to continue its push towards 100 per cent renewable energy by 2020 according to a leading energy comparison site. Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond said that Scotland had reached their 2011 target and with a 'rapid pace of development' could generate 100 per cent of the country's ...

18 May

UK should import energy to save money

Yellow flameThe UK should consider importing solar energy from countries such as North Africa to help cope with demand from consumers according to a leading energy comparison site. The government's committee on Climate Change (CCC) should commit to the scheme which could see it producing 30-45 per cent of the energy requirements for the country. CCC ...

17 May

Homeowners could face freezing this winter thanks to rises in energy prices

House inside a lightbulbFuel bills are rocketing at the moment which could lead many homeowners faced with the decision to turn off their heating over the coming winter months according to a leading energy comparison site. During a recent survey the company found that as many as 20 per cent of homeowners were forced to go without heating during ...

16 May

'High CO2 nuclear power' could affect business energy customers

Firms that try to make their business energy low-carbon might be interested in the assertion that nuclear energy is high in CO2.

15 May

Business energy costs could be cut 'by green offices'

An industry expert has observed a growing trend in offices becoming more environmentally-friendly.

12 May

Carbon Trust scheme could cut business energy costs by £2k

Around £2,000 a year could be saved on small business energy costs by reducing carbon output, the organisation has noted.

12 May

SSE set for new alternatives for marketing following recent prosecution

Electricty pylonEnergy suppliers Scottish and Southern Energy have been found guilty of misleading consumers over the sales pitch door to door salesman use to sell their energy tariffs according to the Guardian. They were successfully prosecuted by trading standards after the company issued their door to door sales staff with a script that potentially led customers ...

11 May

Green Deal provides 'certainty' for landlords using business electricity

An announcement on the Green Deal has been welcomed by one industry figure.

11 May

LEDs 'offer energy efficiency' to business electricity consumers

LEDs offer greater energy efficiency than conventional bulbs, it has been claimed.

11 May

'More details on green targets' needed by business electricity consumers

An industry pundit has called on the government to supply further details about its environmental initiatives.

11 May

EDF launches cheapest dual tariff

Burning Gas OvenEnergy suppliers are currently having a price war with the latest of the energy giants announcing their 'cheapest' dual fuel energy tariff for customers according to myfinances.co.uk. EDF Energy has released details of a new fixed price energy tariff which promises to fix prices until September 2012. The company claim that it is the cheapest ...

10 May

Business energy for landlords could be affected by new laws

The government has announced two new pieces of legislation that could affect some of the UK's landlords.

10 May

Consider the Green Deal when completing a gas price comparison

A sustainability expert has said homeowners need to be more involved in the Green Deal, if the UK is to meet CO2 targets.

10 May

Co-operative enters energy market

Woman keeping warm in winterFollowing on from many other providers of energy, the Co-operative have entered the energy market with a tariff that will supposedly make it simple, fair and competitive according to The Guardian. Co-operative Energy will offer a single variable tariff to consumers to help cut down on energy prices in a market where competition is fierce. ...

09 May

New Co-op business energy company welcomed

Consumer Focus has welcomed the grocer's move into the energy market.

09 May

British Gas due to increase prices

Gas ringThe owners of British Gas have sent out a warning to customers that they may face increased energy prices very soon according to a report on the BBC today. The comments from Centrica who own the company commented that the prices they were paying from gas at wholesale level did not reflect the amount the ...

08 May

New electric car tariff could encourage electricity price comparison

Electric car owners could be tempted by a new offer from British Gas.

08 May

London residents could switch energy supplier to receive heating grants

EDF Energy has celebrated ten years of a scheme that helps people improve their heating.

05 May

E.ON and Tesco partnership could encourage electricity price comparison

The energy firm has joined forces with the grocer to allow customers to pay bills using Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

05 May

People looking to compare gas prices 'not interested in Green Deal'

A sustainability expert has noted the government's scheme has not received as much engagement as expected.

04 May

Firms target business energy savings

Companies are best able to make their contact centres more energy efficient when this is incorporated into the design of buildings.

04 May

Royal wedding demands cheaper electricity

House inside a lightbulbThe royal wedding has been and gone but figures reported by one energy comparison site has stated that demand for cheap electricity went up over the bank holiday weekend as millions of people tuned in to watch Prince William and Kate tie the knot. According to the statistics released by the National Grid, there was ...

03 May

Business energy customers could try LED lights

LED lighting can be used as a low-energy alternative to traditional bulbs.

03 May

Homeowners could compare gas prices after npower celebrates scheme

People might be tempted to compare gas suppliers after npower celebrated the first anniversary of its hometeam 50 plan.

03 May

New 30-day rule from Ofgem

Yellow flameAs from today electricity and gas providers must now give consumers at least 30 days notice before they plan to change their prices thanks to a new ruling by energy regulator Ofgem. This will come as good news to the consumer as it will allow customers to search and compare energy prices to get the ...

03 May

Rising energy prices could see manufactures pass price increases to the consumer

LightbulbHigher energy prices have been consuming the profits of many businesses worldwide but now fears are being raised that manufacturers can no longer absorb these costs and will soon have to increase prices, leaving the consumer out-of-pocket. The report from theglobeandmail.com suggests that whatever the industry the increase in electricity prices could have a massive ...

02 May

Fuel-efficient devices to cut business energy costs

Managers looking to save money on their business energy bills might be interested in several devices designed to reduce consumption.