2015 March news archive

01 April

World's longest electricity connector to be built between Norway and Blyth UK

National Grid and Statnett reach agreement on interconnector between UK and Norway. Green energy for 750,000 homes in Britian.

30 March

The 2015 General Election Energy Policies

With the general election getting closer and closer, the five opposing parties are busy campaigning and releasing details surrounding their policies. Click here to read about each parties main plans for the UK energy market, renewable technology, energy bills, and more.

27 March

UK energy consumption falls as the average household bill rises

A recent report has found that energy consumption in the UK has fallen in 2014, but the average cost of a households energy bill has risen. Scott Byrom explains why this might be.

25 March

£38million saved in first month of DECC campaign

Following the launch of the Power To Switch campaign by the DECC, 130,000 households switched in just one month resulting in £38 million of savings.

23 March

Costa Rica Running Completely on Renewable Energy

The South American country has sourced 100% of its electricity this year from sustainable sources – forgoing fossil fuels entirely.

20 March

Clean energy for 120 years in Swansea, Wales

A tidal lagoon on Swansea bay will create 70,000 jobs and produce clean energy for 120 years.

18 March

Tips for Saving Energy on Heating

Don Curnow, writing on behalf of Air and Water, explains some of the easiest and most effective ways to save money on household heating bills.

16 March

E.ON announces company split to focus on renewable energy

Big Six energy supplier has announced an operational split in the wake of falling profit margins. The company has been hit hard by several factors that have led to a decision to reform the way that the energy supplier operates.

11 March

Is your tariff due to end this month?

Take a look to see if your tariff is coming to end, you could be getting charged more for energy soon if so.

09 March

Head of Ovo Energy accuses larger firms of intentional loss making

The head and founder of Ovo Energy, Stephen Fitzpatrick, has criticised some of the larger energy suppliers of intentional loss making, insisting that it’s lowering the level of supplier competition in the market - which consumers ultimately pay for.

04 March

New Government Legislation Aims to Wipe Out "Fuel Poverty"

Millions of people across the UK are living in poverty as they cannot afford their energy bill. New Government legislation aims to fix that.

02 March

EU to reveal plans for European ‘Energy Union’

The European Energy Union looks to alleviate EU countries’ dependence on Russia for gas by uniting all energy markets into one – but some have doubts as to whether this is realistically implementable.