Biomass could fuel UK electricity

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A new study has shown that using biomass for fuel could potentially create up to 4 per cent of the UK's cheap electricity generation according to a leading energy helpline.

The UK Energy Research Centre has suggested using willow, poplar and other vegetation as fuel to help the country's growing concern over energy demand and ultimately may drive down electricity prices for both businesses and consumers.

Gail Taylor, professor of plant biology at the University of Southampton and lead researcher of the project, commented: "This study shows that bioenergy crops can be grown sustainably in parts of England, with no detrimental impact on food crops or other ecosystem services.

"Our current work is taking this approach further to determine how future climate scenarios will influence biomass supply," she added.

In contrast to this however, Charity and green campaigners Friends of the Earth have stated that there are better ways of producing energy that will be easier on the environment.

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