British Energy signs Doosan Babcock deal

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British Energy has signed a seven-year partnership agreement with Doosan Babcock, a company which provides a range of support services to the power generation, petrochemical, oil and gas, marine, and process industries.

Doosan Babcock will provide technical and engineering staff to British Energy's nuclear plants across the UK as part of the deal.

The partnership also allows for future joint apprenticeships and the establishment of a graduate training scheme between the two companies.

"Doosan Babcock has a long standing and continuing relationship with British Energy, having worked on station maintenance support activities, plant outages, and a wide range of projects across all of its sites," Iain Miller, chief executive of Doosan Babcock said.

"However, this contract builds on this approach and moves towards a more strategic, coordinated and long-term relationship in support of operational reliability and plant life extension."

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