British Energy unit 'soon back online'

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British Energy has announced that its Heysham 2-7 nuclear reactor should soon return to service.

The reactor shut down on Tuesday after an electrical fault, a spokesperson for the company said yesterday (Thursday). The 625-megawatt reactor tripped on Tuesday when its power supply failed.

"Inspections on Heysham 2-7 so far suggest that the unit will be returned to service in the short term," the spokeswoman was quoted by Reuters as saying.

"We are still completing the inspection and may take the opportunity to carry out additional maintenance," she continued.

The spokeswoman added that if extra maintenance work was carried out on the reactor it would probably not significantly prolong the shut down. The Heysham plant is located in north-west England.

British Energy brought back two of its nuclear power stations into operations this Spring after closing in the autumn for boiler repairs. These were the Hinkly Point plant in south-west England and the Hunterston reactor in Scotland.

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