Calls for reduction in renewable energy schemes

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Two energy giants who are in favour of increasing Britain's nuclear capacity have called on the government to reduce the number of renewable energy projects it develops.

According to EDF and E.ON, reducing the government's target of 35 per cent of electricity from renewable sources to 25 per cent will provide the "best platform for further decarbonisation" of electricity production beyond 2020.

The company's claim that renewable energy generated from windfarms is too unpredictable and will result in the construction of more oil and gas power stations to ensure demand for electricity is met – resulting in additional carbon emissions making their way into the atmosphere.

Commenting on the lobbying efforts of the energy firms, Friends of the Earth executive director Andy Atkins said: "We should be maximising renewables and harnessing as much of that clean, safe energy as we possibly can – not propping up the French nuclear industry."

EDF is hosting the Ideal Home Show (HIS) this year, but the HIS website does not make any mention of renewable energy generation or microgeneration.

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