Campaign groups unite to tackle government on smart meters

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Three of the UK's major energy pressure groups have united in a bid to encourage the government to install smart meters in homes across Britain.

energywatch, the Energy Retail Association and Utility Week have launched the initiative, called Look Smart, in an effort ensure that smart meters are installed and provided to energy customers with a minimum of fuss.

The trio of groups also want the government to forget about plans to install interim devices and push on with providing smart meters across the UK.

Allan Asher, chief executive of energywatch, said: "Three in every four complaints to energywatch are about billing and metering. Smart metering could make estimated bills and the frustration they bring, a thing of the past.

"We still do not have a road map of when or how Britain's consumers are going to get smart, up to date and usable information on their energy use."

The launch of the Look Smart initiative has come after research by Abacus Billing found that many UK energy customers are unaware of the efficiency benefits of smart metering.

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