Green Energy

04 August

Green alternative for gas and electricity

Green Energy PlugA green energy company has announced it is freezing its energy prices until 2012 - at a time when the Big Six energy companies are ramping up gas and electricity bills. Good Energy has not raised its electricity prices since August 2008. And this week, it has pledged to freeze its fees until 2012. It ...

12 July

Government plans huge new offshore wind farm

Green Energy PlugThe UK Government is set to unveil plans to create a huge offshore wind farm. But it is looking to exceed the recommended amount of energy generated offshore by five gigawatts. According to the Guardian, the Government is looking to press ahead with plans to generate offshore energy - but will go far beyond the ...

16 June

Green energy could mean rising costs

House inside a lightbulbA leading energy expert says Scotland will not only fail in its drive to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2020, but it could double the cost of energy for customers. Professor Ian Fells, from the University of Newcastle, told the Daily Telegraph that he believed Scotland would only manage a maximum of 40% of ...