Green Energy

24 May

BT announces deal with npower to use 100% renewable energy power

In a significant move to make itself greener BT has announced a deal with UK energy provider npower to receive 100% of its power in the form of renewable energy. As part of the telecommunications giant's Better Future strategy, the move is set to make it one of the biggest companies in the world to ...

27 December

DECC report: UK well on the way to hitting 2020 green energy targets

A new Government report has suggested that Britain is well on the way to hitting its 2020 green energy targets. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Renewable Energy Roadmap report said low-carbon electricity generation had increased by more than a quarter over the past year up to June 2012. The report claimed that ...

03 December

Energy Bill aims at a greener future but will cost the consumer

The Energy Bill has finally been unveiled; featuring a number of environmentally-friendly objectives. However, some environmental groups have criticised the use of a push for green energy as an excuse for increased household bills. As previously expected, the bill also outlined that energy firms would be allowed to stick a green levy on domestic energy ...

26 November

'Green' push means higher energy bills for the consumer

Energy consumers will see their bills rise by as much as £110 a year by 2020 as the Government pushes for greater use of green energy. The higher costs are a result of the Government committing £7.6 billion to green power as part of its Energy Bill which is set to be officially revealed this ...

05 September

Green energy suppliers score well on FiT customer satisfaction survey

Green energy suppliers, Ecotricity, Green Energy and Good Energy have received "excellent" ratings amongst the majority of their customers in a customer satisfaction survey of their Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) services, conducted by YouGen.

09 August

Investment needed for UK to acheive green energy target, Davey claims

Energy secretary Ed Davey has claimed that £110 billion must be invested into the green energy economy if the country is to meet its 2020 green energy target. However, Davey also stated: "existing players don't have the cash to achieve the UK targets so the UK needs to attract big foreign investors." In a bid ...

06 August

Viridor to provide Glasgow homes with renewable energy

Renewable energy and waste disposal company Viridor has signed a green energy deal with Glasgow City Council that will see it provide homes and public buildings in the city with energy, via a new recycling plant. has stated that Viridor will go ahead with plans to build the new plant in Polmadie, Glasgow - ...

04 August

Green alternative for gas and electricity

A green energy company has announced it is freezing its energy prices until 2012 - at a time when the Big Six energy companies are ramping up gas and electricity bills. Good Energy has not raised its electricity prices since August 2008. And this week, it has pledged to freeze its fees until 2012. It ...

12 July

Government plans huge new offshore wind farm

The UK Government is set to unveil plans to create a huge offshore wind farm. But it is looking to exceed the recommended amount of energy generated offshore by five gigawatts. According to the Guardian, the Government is looking to press ahead with plans to generate offshore energy - but will go far beyond the ...

16 June

Green energy could mean rising costs

A leading energy expert says Scotland will not only fail in its drive to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2020, but it could double the cost of energy for customers. Professor Ian Fells, from the University of Newcastle, told the Daily Telegraph that he believed Scotland would only manage a maximum of 40% of ...