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Homeowners have been offered a number of tips by energy provider E.ON regarding how to cut power consumption and, as a result, enjoy cheaper electricity and gas.

The top piece of advice given by the firm is to insulate homes effectively, with specialist materials on perimeter walls designed to keep heat in and reduce waste.

Emma Thompson, of E.ON, says: "It is about the payback and insulation is typically a payback in year one for a lot of people."

However, Ms Thompson's recommendations did not end at insulation, as she also notes a number of subtle changes that can make a big difference in the quest for cheap electricity and gas.

Firstly, keeping curtains open on a sunny day can help to heat a room, while hanging washing outside instead of using a tumble dryer is another way to save cash.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change's new energy bill was announced last month and includes a number of steps to make British houses greener.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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