Cheap electricity bills in new eco-house

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Cut price electricity and gas bills could be a thing of the future as the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) unveils plans for a new environmentally-friendly home.

When constructed, the new design will cost around £100 a year to heat and provide hot water for.

The GHA showed the innovative design to Scottish housing and communities minister Alex Neil today (May 20th).

The three-bedroom property was created with help from PRP Architects.

Energy savings are made through high levels of insulation throughout the property, including hollow clay blocks for the external walls, which improve the building's ability to regulate temperature in both hot and cold weather.

The design also has pre-fabricated roofing and floor panels, which reduces energy consumption and the building's carbon footprint during construction.

Jim Sneddon, GHA's executive director of regeneration said: "Although our designs are in the initial stages we are very keen to take them forward, secure funding and begin a two-year study."

Almost half of the UK's carbon emissions come from energy use in buildings.

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