Cheap electricity could help Brits upgrade their mobile phone

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Britons with iPhone or BlackBerry envy might want to consider switching to a cheap electricity provider so they can enjoy a littler bit of spare cash to upgrade their handset.

Smartphones seem to be currently dominating the mobile phone market, but the handsets can prove pricey, especially if people do not want to go on contract.

While cheap electricity bills are one way individuals could raise some cash, so too is recycling old mobile phones.

Waste Watch has reminded Britons many recycling websites pay consumers for handing in their old handsets.

Mike Webster, spokesman for the environmental firm, said: "It's also a great source of income for organisations like charities. You can donate them to charities and they can get paid for it."

He added mobile phones should also be recycled because the market is constantly releasing new models and it is tempting for people to constantly upgrade, creating waste.

Last year, around eight million mobile phones were recycled in the UK, research by Ovum revealed.

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