Cheap electricity could help businesses 'without government funding'

Between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 2019, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved £479 or more.

Cheap electricity may prove beneficial to companies that want to reduce their energy expenditure but believe renewable resources are not ideal.

According to Ultra Green, firms that want to purchase renewable energy supplies will have to provide their own funding, because the government cannot afford to subsidise such resources.

Antony Blakey, founder and executive chairman of the organisation, said "no government can afford to subsidise green energy on any scale".

Cheap electricity could therefore help firms that want to cut back on their energy expenses, but realise conventional sources are more ideal for their needs.

Mr Blakey said firms that cannot afford to own an alternative energy system are "living in dreamland" if they think they could move to a renewable platform with government aid.

Commenting on this, Richard Eden, managing director of UK Power Ltd, said: "Many businesses could save on energy bills and we have made the process as simple as possible on the energy saving website."

Some larger organisations can afford to incorporate greener energy into their business.

Google has reported it has put approximately £25.6 million into two windfarms with a combined generation potential of 169.5 megawatts.

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