Cheap electricity from coal benefits Nottinghamshire miner

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The potential of coal to generate cheap electricity could be a boost for Nottinghamshire pits.

UK Coal is negotiating a series of new supply deals with as yet unnamed electricity firms.

The company said it had signed one new deal, but would not reveal any details until after it has published its annual trading results later this month.

All the talks are expected to be finalised in the coming weeks, and it is thought that the deep mines that UK Coal has in Nottinghamshire will benefit from any new contractual agreements.

The firm has mines at Thoresby and Meden Vale and is considering reopening its Harworth pit, which it claims could be profitable now that energy prices have risen.

In related news, the European Commission has approved plans which will allow the UK government to award grants to firms studying carbon capture technology – which could be used to reduce carbon emissions at coal burning plants.

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