Cheap energy strategies lambasted

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Policies to ensure cheap electricity prices in the UK have been lambasted by one renewable energy expert.

According to Jonathon Porritt, chair of the Sustainable Development Commission, an advisory body to the government, the UK is facing the prospect of falling behind China in terms of energy efficiency and renewable electricity generation.

He claimed that the government needs to do far more if it is to compete on a global level in terms of energy efficiency strategies, reports Reuters.

Speaking at the Energy Institute conference in London, Mr Porritt said: "After 35 years in sustainability I can't remember one government minister talk with deep knowledge and passion about efficiency."

Meanwhile, G8 nations could start sharing energy efficient technology as part of a sustainable buildings network.

Speaking on behalf of the signatory nations, Steven Chu, the US energy secretary, said: "This partnership can help lead the world toward greater energy efficiency. It will facilitate greater cooperation on our shared goals."

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