Companies thwarted in wind energy bids

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Many UK companies looking to cut their CO2 emissions are being hampered in their efforts to employ wind energy by red tape, according to a new report.

Co-operative Insurance says that the UK could make significant strides in cutting CO2 emissions were problems in energy planning to be addressed - and ten major British companies, including Alliance Boots, Sainsbury's, Scottish and Southern Energy and Reckitt Benckiser, have lent their backing to the insurers claims.

These 11 companies have submitted - to the government and to secretary of state for communities and local government Ruth Kelly - a 'wish list' which sets out commonly perceived problems and possible solutions.

"Climate change is making UK businesses look at their environmental impact and explore ways to lower their carbon emissions. Switching their energy supply to green electricity is an important step but there is currently too much red tape putting companies off," said David Anderson, chief executive at Co-operative Financial Services.

"We strongly urge the Government to consider the practical experiences of companies when turning the forthcoming Energy White Paper and Planning White Paper into policy. For alternative energy solutions to be economically attractive to the mainstream, investors have to be confident that these solutions are as robust politically as they are technologically," he added.

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