Council appointing 'energy tsar to lower bills'

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A council is hoping to appoint a new energy manager in the hope of cutting money of its bills.

North Lincolnshire council, which is predicting to spend £3.2 million on energy bills in 2008, hopes the appointment of a new 'Energy Tsar' will help to cut £200,000 in the coming years.

The Scunthorpe Telegraph reports the person who is appointed to the role will be instructed to target methods to help the council spend less on gas and electricity prices in the coming years.

Other measures, encompassing energy efficiency and sustainability will also be covered under the tsar's job specifications.

Steve Swift, cabinet member for corporate services, said: "With soaring energy prices and in response to the government's climate change agenda, there is even more need to save energy.

"We have a responsibility to respond and lead by example through our own practices and services we deliver."

The Climate Group recently said that incentives for renewable energy in the UK did not go far enough, adding that government should consider the use of feed-in tariffs and upgrading the national grid to hit Climate Change Bill targets.

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