Customers 'more concerned' about environment than energy costs

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UK energy customers care more about the environmental impact of poor energy use than financial costs, according to a survey by Abacus Billing.

The billing service provider's findings also revealed that 79 per cent of UK consumers think the government isn't doing enough to promote energy efficiency.

It was also discovered that 26 per cent of the study's participants were aware of devices such as smart meters, which can reduce the amount of energy used in the home.

Speaking about the release of the results, chief executive of Abacus Karl Wills claimed the use of the new technology could benefit both consumers and companies in the long-term.

" Smart meter billing is a strategic tool for utility companies. By using incentives such as flexible tariffs, they can induce carbon reducing behaviour change. This way, as our resources become scarcer, energy suppliers can reduce their output whilst maintaining their revenue"

The release of the findings comes after the Department of Communities and Local Government claimed people could save money on their utilities bills by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.

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