E.On the latest 'Big Six' energy supplier to announce profit increase

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E.On is the latest 'Big Six' energy supplier to post a profit rise this year - announcing a £2.6 billion net profit for 2012.

The figures marked a 2.3% increase on the supply of energy to its UK residential customers, a profit of around £27 per duel fuel customer.

The firm was the last of the major 'Big Six' energy suppliers to put up the price of its energy bills, sticking to a promise it made to keep prices the same in 2012.

However, in January it increased its average duel fuel bill by 8.7%, seeing an increase of around £110 or £1,370 a year for the average household.

More concerning for its customers, was the fact in an interview with the BBC 4 Today programme, E.On chief executive, Tony Cocker, said: "We can't guarantee we won't have to raise prices again this year."

However, Mr Cocker said he believed his firm had made a "fair profit" in 2012.

He added: "Looking back at 2012 we worked hard to make sure that the choices we made were right for our customers and the efforts we made to freeze our prices and make our customer service better had a real and positive impact."

Mr Cocker also described some of the measures his firm had taken to help customers with bills.

He said: "We continue to help our customers to control their energy use by providing them with smart meters. We believe we were also the first company to complete its Government CERT and CESP insulation schemes."

To further combat increasing energy bills, suppliers including E.On and its fellow 'Big Six' members have joined with the government as part of its Green Deal to offer subsidies on fitting more energy-efficient boilers, solar panels, wall insulation and other such measures to help homeowners cut down on their domestic energy bills.

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