EDF 'offers best deal of any dual fuel provider'

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A newspaper that has gone to the trouble of comparing electricity and gas prices from all major companies has concluded that a tariff on offer from EDF is the best of any up for grabs from dual fuel providers.

The Daily Telegraph highlights the firm's Online S@ver 8 deal as the most reasonable for British consumers.

Its research is based on an average home in London that burns a typical amount of 3,300 kWh pa of electricity and 20,500 kWh of gas each year.

The deal on offer from EDF should cost customers £990 a year, which is significantly lower than some of the tariffs the publication names as its worst.

Among those are bills that total more than £1,500 for the same property, which is described as "not cheap".

A number of the country's major dual fuel providers have recently announced price hikes, including E.ON, which has confirmed an increase of nine per cent on electricity.

Posted by Richard Eden

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