Efficient light bulb wins Design of the Year

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Two British designers were the overall winners at the 2011 Brit Design of the Year awards for their low-energy light bulb, according to guardian.co.uk.

The light bulb named Plumen 001 was designed by Samuel Wilkinson and Michael-George Hemus. Energy efficient light bulbs in the past have been pretty ugly to look at, but the new award winning bulb, created with design company Hulger, has elegant curves that will whet the appetite of any interior designer.

Putting the light bulbs looks aside, the Plumen 001 reportedly uses 80 per cent less energy and last eight times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. With energy suppliers expected to increase their prices, this modern design could reduce the UK's energy output, whilst adding a touch of class.

Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum, commented that the Plumen is "a worthy winner that is both beautiful and smart. It does away with the superfluous to achieve maximum economy of means. It's a bulb that doesn't need a shade and so goes a long way to make up for the loss of the Edison original."

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