Electricity market 'can be difficult for businesses'

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The electricity market can occasionally be difficult for small businesses in the UK, according to energywatch's press officer.

Patricia Ockenden said that they can experience difficulties when problems arise with their energy providers, as suppliers are not obliged to publish tariff information and contracts tend to run over a fixed term.

However, she went on to explain that companies also have access to benefits that household customers cannot experience.

She said: "Unlike domestic consumers, small businesses can negotiate individual contracts and tariffs so they should be proactive and shop around for more competitive deals.

"They should review their current contract, find out what windows of opportunity there are for them to leave their supplier and take action within notice periods."

Created to promote and represent the interests of all gas and electricity customers, energywatch was established in November 2000.

In October this year, the body is merging with the National Consumer Council, which will mean small firms will need to take up complaints directly with energy suppliers.

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