Energy firms 'should drop prices by Christmas'

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Energy companies should give consumers an early Christmas present and lower prices, according to National Energy Action (NEA).

The charity which campaigns for affordable energy has said that if not before Christmas, prices should drop in the early part of 2009.

Maria Wardrobe, warm homes manager for the NEA, and Jane Gatiss, PR manager for eage and warm front, said they have issued a plea to the energy supply industry to "look at reducing" the cost of fuel as soon as possible.

"We have a plea to government and Alistair Darling in next week's pre-budget statement that he really does look at a significant extra funding towards tackling this problem," added the duo.

Both experts said they wanted more money putting into the warm front programme and an extension of the winter fuel payments.

The NEA claims there are currently over five million UK households living in fuel poverty, which is defined as the need to spend over ten per cent of total household income on fuel.

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