Energy price crisis 'could cause deaths'

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More expensive energy could cause more people to die over the winter, it has been speculated.

According to Stockport councillor for health Maggie Clay, there may be a sudden spike in deaths in the cold weather as people are unable to pay to keep themselves warm, the Stockport Express reported.

The council is formulating an emergency action plan and people in the area are being encouraged to learn about energy efficiency, the publication has revealed.

She told a council meeting the issue is "a matter of life and death" because in a mild year, 138 people in Stockport are likely to die excess winter deaths, a number which would double in a cold year, the newspaper quoted.

Councillor Clay added: "That was the situation before the increase in energy bills at the moment. It is a pretty scary estimate."

Welsh assembly member for Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood told the South Wales Echo that energy companies should take a responsible approach to pricing because in extreme cases, higher charges could lead to more cold-related deaths.

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