Environment secretary outlines long-term hopes for energy plans

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The UK's environment secretary has claimed that the government's new fuel poverty plans are designed to help consumers in the long-term.

Hilary Benn made the claim at the launch of the new measures, which include using £910 of funding supplied by energy suppliers to boost the energy efficiency of homes across the UK.

Part of the money is set to be used to fund the government's Carbon Emissions Reduction Target scheme, while some will also go towards a brand new initiative.

"Recent price rises mean we are committed to do even more to assist people in reducing their bills where possible," Mr Benn explained.

"This plan is about giving help, not only over weeks and months, but over the coming years by enabling householders to make their homes more energy efficient."

Allan Asher, chief executive of energywatch, recently claimed that the government's plans do not bring "immediate and much needed relief" to consumers who are set to struggle to meet their winter fuel costs.

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