"Exciting time" for green energy industry, CEO of green energy UK claims

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The CEO of  one of Britain's green energy suppliers has claimed that it is an "exciting time" to be in the green energy industry.

However, Douglas Stewart, CEO of green energy UK, has also claimed that now is the time for energy suppliers to start delivering clean energy to the masses.

Figures released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance have shown that investment in clean energy is on the rise, with around $56.9 billion invested around the world during the second quarter - a 24 per cent increase on the first quarter's figure. One of the main UK projects earmarked for investment is a wind farm located just off the coast.

Stewart spoke enthusiastically about the future of clean energy.

He said: "It is an incredibly exciting time to be in the green energy industry. For all of us who have been toiling for years to bring clean power to the masses, now is our time to shine as the world starts truly recognising the need to address climate issues."

Continuing, Stewart added: "Every day I hear about another major deal, like the €8 billion agreement announced on Tuesday between National Grid UK and Element Power to deliver wind generated electricity to Britain. In addition to rising prices of oil on a global scale, the UK in particular is facing an impending power shortfall as gas reserves diminish in the North Sea and conventional power stations deteriorate due to age.

"Now is the time to join us in embracing new solutions even beyond wind, water, and solar. For example, we've been developing the use of anaerobic digestion as an energy source and are closely watching the progress being made in kinetic energy harvesting and the collection of hydrogen using nanotechnology."

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