Friends of the Earth challenges govt to end fuel poverty

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The government needs to invest in new green industries and cut energy waste if its wants to end fuel poverty, according to a leading campaign group.

Friends of the Earth has called for the country's leaders to implement a range of energy proposals in its pre-budget report to be released on Monday November 24th.

The group is urging Gordon Brown to follow the lead set by US President-elect Barack Obama, who recently outlined plans to invest billion of dollars into creating a clean energy future.

Andy Atkins, executive director of Friends of the Earth, said a "huge investment in clean, green energy is urgently needed".

"The development of a low carbon economy would create exciting new business opportunities and tens of thousands of green-collar jobs - as well as cutting fuel bills and reducing our reliance on the yo-yoing costs and mounting insecurity of fossil fuels such as oil and gas," he added.

Energy watchdog Consumer Focus challenged at least one of the big six UK energy firms earlier this week to "break ranks" and lower prices before Christmas, Marketing Week reported.

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