Fuel poverty 'is not going to go away'

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Fuel poverty in the UK is not just going to go away, according to the chief executive of a leading energy supplier.

Dr Paul Golby of E.ON has also stated that energy suppliers should not be held responsible for the issue, as supermarket chains are not urged to help the poor over the rising cost of food.

Speaking to the Financial Mail, he outlined who he felt should provide assistance to households struggling with rising gas and electricity prices.

He explained: "We have to face the reality that ultimately it is the government's responsibility and it is the government through the benefits system that can take crucial decisions."

Last month, Ofgem published a new document outlining its action plan on tackling fuel poverty.

The regulatory body's programme was created after it held a summit to discuss the issue with energy suppliers and the government.

Measures featured in the proposals include the introduction of a new pilot scheme to ensure that vulnerable customers are on their suppliers' cheapest tariff.

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