Gas price comparison could benefit from new OFT study

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Gas price comparisons could be affected by a new Office of Fair Trading (OFT) study, which has been welcome by one of Consumer Focus's energy experts.

Andrew Hallet praised the OFT for launching research into off-the-grid gas supplies that are found in the countryside. He said millions of customers rely on liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to heat their homes and they have seen prices rise over the winter months.

"These people are being penalised for nothing more than living in rural areas and smaller towns and villages. We are glad that the OFT has put their plight at the centre of its investigation," he added.

Launched on March 14th and due to be published in October 2011, the study will examine the LPG market and decide if customers are getting a fair deal.

Mary Starks, OFT director of infrastructure, said around 3.5 million homes rely on the fuel offered through off-the-grid suppliers and the cold December weather brought a large amount of complaints.

Posted by James Green

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