Government 'to introduce new renewable grants'

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The government is expected to introduce new incentives to encourage the public to install wind turbines or solar panels at their homes or businesses.

According to the Guardian, which claims to have seen Westminster's new strategy on tackling climate change, new loans and grants are to be made available to help the UK reach EU targets on renewable electricity generation.

Other measures expected to be announced this week include the expansion of offshore windfarms and new legislation to improve the energy efficiency of home renovations.

The newspaper reports that the document states: "We must make hard choices. The scale of the increase in renewable energy we propose over the coming decade will have significant impacts on all our lives.

"Not all of these will be positive; indeed there will be significant costs."

The government was recently urged by the energy market's watchdog to tackle the rising cost of energy in the UK.

According to energywatch, Westminster should remove links between the price of gas and barrels of oil, while the Competition Commission should also launch an investigation into making the market fairer.

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