Government to offer communities cash incentives to host nuclear plants

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The government is hoping to entice a number of UK communities to embrace nuclear power by offering millions of pounds for them to host new nuclear power plants.

Using Hinckley Point, Somerset - the site of the proposed new EDF nuclear plant - as an example, the local area could receive payments of upwards of £128m under the scheme.

In total, eight sites across England and Wales have been earmarked by the scheme, and could receive benefits of up to £1,000 per megawatt hour of electricity the plant produces for up to 40 years after it first comes into use.

Aside from the site identified at Hinkley Point, seven other sites at Sellafield, Sizewell, Oldbury, Wylfa, Bradwell, Heysham, and Hartlepool have also been identified as potential sites for new nuclear plants.

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon said: "It is absolutely essential that we recognise the contributions of those communities that host major new energy projects.

"This package is in the interests of local people, who will manage it to ensure long-term meaningful benefit to the community.

"It's proportionate to the scale and lifespan of new nuclear power stations and it builds on the major economic benefits they will bring in terms of jobs, investment and use of local services."

The scheme is part of the government's push to cut down on the UK's high carbon emissions. The government also launched its Green Deal initiative in January, designed to help homeowners do their bit towards cutting down carbon emissions from their property.

Under the scheme, property owners can contact their energy providers about fitting energy efficiency measures into their home such as new boilers, loft insulation and even solar panels in some cases.

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