Green energy supplier Ecotricity launches Green Electricity + Car tariff

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One of the UK's green energy suppliers has launched a new electricity tariff that will provide owners of electric vehicles with 1,000 free miles worth of electricity each year.

Ecotricity's Green Electricity + Car will also provide consumers with home electricity. Those signed up for the tariff will also gain access to Ecotricity's the Electric Highway - a network of fast chargers spread across the country.

Founder of Ecotricity, Dale Vince, commented on the launch of the tariff.

He stated: "To get the greatest environmental benefit from an electric car, it needs to be charged using 100 per cent green electricity from the wind and the sun - otherwise you're still powering it from dirty fossil fuels.

"Ecotricity's new tariff ensures customers with electric cars are recharging at home with green energy and as a bonus they'll get at least 1,000 free miles worth of electricity," he added.

The introduction of the deal coincides with the launch of Volkswagen's first electric car - e-up! - on the British market. Ecotricity recently agreed a partnership deal with the Volkswagen Group (UK) Limited to act as its official supplier of green energy. This means that any customer buying an electric vehicle from one of its ranges will be offered the Green Electricity + Car tariff, as well as a free smart meter.

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