Green energy suppliers score well on FiT customer satisfaction survey

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Green energy suppliers, Ecotricity, Green Energy and Good Energy have received "excellent" ratings amongst the majority of their customers in a customer satisfaction survey of their Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) services, conducted by YouGen.

The levels of satisfaction amongst people who generated their own electricity displayed towards their FiT service varied significantly.

This was evidenced in the survey with 72 per cent of E.ON's FiT customers declaring it to be "poor" or "diabolical." The majority of respondents that scored E.ON so badly said they did so because of its slowness in paying them (86 per cent) and its failure to communicate in light of such a delay (67 per cent).

Cathy Debenham, YouGen's founder, commented on the results displayed in the survey - which saw a total of 145 respondents.

She said: "We regularly get complaints about how long FiTs suppliers take to pay.

"Yet, the survey results reveal that most respondents don't actually know what their payment terms are."

"Just three of E.ON's said that payments exactly met its terms, compared to 82 per cent who say they were slower. However, when asked how many weeks after the deadline for reading the meter does your FiT supplier pay you?, those three people all gave a different answer (six, seven and eight respectively). The range of when they say they were paid goes from two weeks to 12 plus," she added.

Debenham also highlighted differences amongst the responses provided by Good Energy's FiT customers.

"There is also disparity among Good Energy's customers; 92 per cent of people say payments met its terms, yet again stated payment time ranges from two weeks to 12 plus. This is surprising as the company pays 10 weeks after the meter reading, and communicates the dates clearly to customers. These disparities lead me to believe that, although people complain a lot about slow payment, it isn't actually the defining aspect of service that influences how people rate a FiT supplier.

"E.ON and other low scoring companies need to concentrate on the basics: knowledgeable staff and a prompt response."

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