Green Party 'has best energy efficiency proposals'

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The Green Party has the most ambitious manifesto in terms of making homes more energy efficient, the Friends of the Earth has suggested.

In its proposals to voters issued ahead of the upcoming general election, the party said it would focus on helping the fuel poor and providing insulation for properties, which, when coupled with a switch to a cheap energy supplier, could help bring down the cost of using gas and electricity.

And its suggestions have been welcomed by the Friends of the Earth, which noted it offers the "most ambitious" manifesto when it comes to cutting emissions in the home.

The plans include a free home insulation scheme that would involve spending £2 billion this year.

"What is good about it, as compared to the other parties, is that it does look at fuel poverty and it does look at making sure that everyone can get insulation," remarked parliamentary spokesman for the charity Martyn Williams.

He added political parties will have to focus on the fuel poor - such as the elderly - if they want to minimise the dangers these people face in the colder months.

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