'Green' push means higher energy bills for the consumer

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Energy consumers will see their bills rise by as much as £110 a year by 2020 as the Government pushes for greater use of green energy.

The higher costs are a result of the Government committing £7.6 billion to green power as part of its Energy Bill which is set to be officially revealed this week.

The planned changes were also criticised for failing to tackle the issue of carbon emissions.

The proposals mean that energy firms such as those in the 'Big Six' - all part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme - would potentially be able to triple the amount of money they add to the average homeowners bill,  all in the name of renewable energy and other energy sources such as nuclear.

Initially, the firms will be able to add £2.35bn on to consumers energy bills by the end of this year, rising too almost £10bn over the course of the next eight years, or £7.6bn if taking today's prices into account.

Environment secretary, Ed Davey, was quick to respond to the suggested pice hikes when he said: "The impact from supporting green policy is only two per cent on people's bills at the moment.

"That will grow and by 2020 it will be about seven per cent. We are talking about under £100 in 2020"

Mr Davey was also quick to point out that, over time, the bills would be reversed as the new measures lead to savings.

The plans have also come under fire from opposition MPs and environmental groups as concerns are raised over the lack of commitment to cutting down carbon emissions by 2030.

Chairman of the Commons energy select committee, Tim Yeo, said: "There will be concern that the government hasn't accepted the full implications - which are already clear - of the extent to which electricity generation needs to be decarbonised by 2030."

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