Homeowners could face freezing this winter thanks to rises in energy prices

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Fuel bills are rocketing at the moment which could lead many homeowners faced with the decision to turn off their heating over the coming winter months according to a leading energy comparisonsite.

During a recent survey the company found that as many as 20 per cent of homeowners were forced to go without heating during the last winter months and fears are that due to the continued rise in energy costs, that many more would have to do the same this year.

Earlier this week the Bank of England warned that energy such as gas and electricity could rise by as much as 15 and 10 per cent respectively, leaving many people faced with going cold.

Spokesperson for energy company, Ann Robinson said: “This time it's going to be a minimum of 25% who will have to switch their heating off. Many people are going to struggle to pay. We have to pray for a mild winter.”

She also commented that many households would have to find around an extra £148 over the next year for fuel based on the calculations from the Bank of England.

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