LEDs 'offer energy efficiency' to business electricity consumers

Between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 2019, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved £479 or more.

Those looking to switch energy supplier have been informed of the potential savings they could make by using LEDs.

The benefits of the technology were recently promoted by Ashley Smith, marketing manager for consumer lighting at Philips, who suggested energy-efficiency is one of their key draws.

He claimed that LEDs can be 80 or 90 per cent more efficient than conventional bulbs and also lauded their longevity - with some models lasting "in the region of" 20,000 hours or around 20 years.

However, Mr Smith also noted that the benefits of the fixtures are not confined to those looking to compare electricity prices, as they offer a great deal of freedom in terms of interior design creativity.

"The fittings tend to be smaller and more discreet, and it gives you more flexibility as well," he explained.

The benefits of LEDs were recently lauded by Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4's Grand Designs, who praised their various uses.

Posted by Jim Tidy


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