Less lighting 'is one way to decrease business energy bills'

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Business energy customers may wish to take note of six tips offered by a publication on how to lower their power consumption - and, as a result, their bills.

The first piece of advice given by the Sydney Morning Herald is to decrease the amount of lighting in an office or workspace, as many are overlit.

Another is to remove fluorescent tubes that use a large amount of energy and replace them with newer versions, with these said to produce more light from the same power.

The newspaper goes on to suggest turning off all electrical equipment when it is not in use, such as at weekends or overnight, as roughly 20 per cent of office electricity use is from such appliances.

It also notes the importance of avoiding either overheating or extreme cooling of an office, as both of these can result in higher business energy bills.

Finally, investing in energy-efficient lightbulbs can be an effective way to save power.

Firms in East Anglia are to be offered tips by the Carbon Trust on how to reduce the business energy levels, with brewer Greene King among the first to sign up.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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