Nuclear power for business energy "frightening"

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Business energy consumers whose supply comes from nuclear power may be interested in an expert's remark that it can be a scary source to work with.

Dr Bill Nuttall, assistant director of the electricity policy research group at Cambridge Judge Business School, spoke on the institution's podcast, saying: "I think those involved with nuclear energy policy have to live with the reality that the technology is intrinsically frightening."

He was commenting in regards to the Japanese Fukushima disaster COMMA which was caused by an explosion at the facility last month, following an earthquake.

Furthermore, Dr Nuttall noted that society can be severely disrupted by incidents where radiation is involved and costs to the economy can reach billions of dollars.

However, he asserted that fear, rather than actual danger, is the bigger factor highlighting the issue's importance.

In March, a spokesman for the Centre for Alternative Energy said the UK has no need for nuclear power as it can produce all the energy it needs through renewable sources.

Posted by Jim Tidy 

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