Off-grid power customers may be tempted by switch of energy supplier

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Consumers who do not get their home fuel from traditional providers and instead rely on off-grid sources could soon be making a switch of energy supplier if an official report suggests their policy is ineffective.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has announced it is to conduct a study of attaining power from materials such as heating oil and renewable technology.

Heather Clayton, senior director of infrastructure at the OFT, says: "Two-and-a-half-million people rely on off-grid energy and it is vital that the markets that supply them function as well as they possibly can. We will be taking both competition and consumer issues into account."

The organisation's report will draw conclusions on whether the off-grid market is really working for those who use it.

If it is not, a switch of energy supplier – perhaps to a mainstream provider – may be the way to go for many.

However, it may be wise to be careful when switching, as all but one of the UK's leading fuel companies have recently announced price hikes.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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