Power station lives 'need to be lengthened'

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UK power stations need to stay operational for longer periods of time if they are to meet demand for CO2-emission free energy in the UK, a senior industry figure has said.

Bill Coley, chief executive of British Energy, told news agency Reuters that he thought it was vital that resources were put in place that would enable the lives of current nuclear stations to be extended.

"I think it's imperative that we maximise the stations we have," the news wire quotes him as saying, in an interview carried out at the Unite Nuclear New Build conference in London.

"I'm talking about extending their lives - not just British Energy's stations, but all the stations in the UK."

According to Mr Coley, no decision has yet been made on whether the life of the Hunterston plant in Scotland and the Hinkley Point station in south-west England should be extended - but a conclusion will be reached by the end of March next year, he added.

It is thought that the construction of new plant would create thousands of jobs throughout the UK.

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