Savoy Hotel uses food for cheap electricity

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The Savoy Hotel is set to recycle its food waste in an attempt to reduce the amount it spends on electricity bills.

It will send all food remains to a nearby biomass power plant and expects to generate enough electricity to light and heat ten per cent of its guests' rooms.

The iconic hotel's leftovers will be processed by the PDM Group to recover liquid fat, which can then be used to manufacture biofuels and generate green electricity.

Debra Patterson, the hotel's environmental ambassador, told the BBC that the scheme will "not only to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill" but "make a significant improvement to the Savoy's overall carbon footprint by displacing fossil fuels".

She called the move a "completely sustainable solution".

The Savoy has re-launched as an environmentally-friendly and sustainable luxury hotel and is working closely with Evolve Energy to improve its green credentials.

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