Scotland’s wind turbines produce 126% of domestic demand

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Following recent reports from the National Grid that the UK’s energy reserves could be in danger  this winter, a new analysis from WWF Scotland has reported that dwindling energy reserves may not be a concern for Scotland. Last month, the country’s wind turbines generated more than enough power to meet and exceed domestic demand.

126% of the energy needed for homes in Scotland was produced through wind farms in October 2014, the report reveals, marking a big win for the Scottish renewable energy industry. In addition to wind power, Scottish household have been harnessing the power of solar energy, too.

On average, solar PV panels accounts for 36% of domestic electricity used in Scottish cities, with the city of Edinburgh boasting an impressive 46% of electricity accounted for in solar-fitted homes. For homes with solar thermal technology for heating water, a cross country average of 29% of their demand is met with the technology - Edinburgh again taking the lead with 41% of a household’s requirement generated.   

In accordance with First Minister Alex Salmond’s goal of 100% of Scotland’s electricity to be produced by green and renewable technologies by the year 2025 – Scotland already appears to be well on its way.

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