Study reveals shops "overcharged" by big six energy companies

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A recent study, conducted by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), has found that shopkeepers are being overcharged by energy suppliers, according to an article published by the Telegraph.

Around a third of participants in the study claimed that they had been charged for gas and electric that they hadn't used during the last year. A further third claimed that they had their contracts automatically  "rolled over," taking away their opportunity to look around for a cheaper deal.

Shopkeepers partaking in the study also claimed that the big six energy companies had sent them back-dated bills, ordering them to pay up or risk being disconnected. They neglected, however, to disclose which of the suppliers used this tactic.

Chief executive of the ACS, James Lowman, commented on the study's findings.

He said: "For too long now energy companies have been tying their energy business customers into unfair contracts and tariffs, leaving hard working local shops with no option but to pay over the odds for their energy.

Mr Lowman subsequently urged industry regulator, Ofgem, to take "swift action" to help smaller businesses.

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