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While a switch of energy provider may be tempting to homeowners looking to reduce their monthly outgoings, simply taking a look around a house prior to this can help to identify areas where money could be saved.

The Consumer Council for Water is encouraging everybody in the UK to spend a few moments thinking about where they can cut back on the amount of power they use.

Heating and hot water are responsible for about 75 per cent of a household's consumption, so reducing waste in these areas may lead to cheap gas and electricity bills.

Advice includes shortening the length of showers, insulating the hot water cistern and replacing worn washers on leaky taps.

The council's chair Dame Yve Buckland states: "Taking five minutes to consider these very simple water and energy saving tips could pay off in the long run and have the added benefit of helping to reduce your carbon footprint."

Mark Todd, director at energyhelpline.com, recently advised people to compare electricity prices online in order to secure the best deal.

Posted by Jim Tidy

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