Wind energy production in UK facing delays

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The wind power industry in the UK is facing lengthy delays, according to the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA).

A number of projects are being continually held up by planning inquiries and the organisation has said that the rate of wind energy project approvals is slowing despite previous government promises to the contrary, reports the Guardian.

The BWEA claims 262 different projects, which represent a potential total of seven gigawatts of energy production, are currently stuck in planning stages.

Charles Anglin, director of communications at the BWEA, told the newspaper government officials "do not want the political problems of undermining local democracy by taking control out of the hands of local councillors".

He added: "But if it fails to act it is just storing up more difficult problems further down the road when it gives the go-ahead to coal or expensive gas projects instead."

British Eco-Energy recently said that wind turbines of one of the most cost-effective forms of alternative energy.

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