Work on first household to sign up to Green Deal initiative completed

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The government has revealed new statistics on its Green Deal initiative.

The figures show July saw the first UK household actually complete the process - almost six months after it launched.

In total, 133 households had signed up to the scheme by the end of July, with a further 286 potentially looking to benefit from the programme after obtaining a quote.

So far however, only one Green Deal Plan has actually gone live, although the other 132 were marked as pending, which means the paperwork has been signed and work has begun.

As ever, the response to the latest figures has been mixed, with the government taking the positives out of the latest research.

Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker, said: "This ambitious long-term programme is still in its initial months, but over 58,000 Green Deal assessments shows genuine consumer interest and we expect continued steady growth as we go into the winter."

However, Shadow minister for climate change, Luciana Berger, was quick to pour scorn on the scheme: "The fact that over 99% of people who had a Green Deal assessment didn't want to take out a package should be a wake-up call for the government.

"It is not good enough for Ministers to shrug their shoulders and dismiss this as a slow start - not when thousands of workers in the insulation industry have lost their jobs."

Boilers made up 97 per cent of the measures installed using Green Deal cashback, which give vouchers following the installation of certain types of domestic energy-saving measures under the Green Deal.

In July, the over emphasis on boilers was criticised by some in the industry as they equated for 99% of cashback claims: these latest figures show that trend is unlikely to change.

In total, 13,465 Green Deal assessments were carried out last month, bringing the overall total to 58,124.

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