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E.ON - E.ON Track and Save 10

Please note that E.ON Track and Save 10 is no longer available.

Customers previously on this tariff may have seen their energy prices increase as of 01 October, 2012 as it is common for customers to be rolled onto 'Standard' tariff prices, which are often more expensive. To ensure you aren't paying more than you need to, use our quick energy comparison tool to compare every tariff currently available on the market. Click here and enter your postcode to get started or call us on 0800 860 6866.

Alternatively, you may be interested in the following tariff - E.ON E.ON Energy Fixed 1 year v6 »

Tariffs prices

E.ON charges different rates depending on the region of the country that you live in. Please provide your postcode to view prices for this tariff as well as to compare all other tariffs in the market to see which one is the cheapest for you.

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Tariff Features

  • Bills are guaranteed lower bill than British Gas standard bills until 1st October 2012 (at Ofgem average consumption and higher). Caveat
  • After 1 October 2012 Dual Fuel customers and gas only customers will be switched to a similar product or one of the supplier's Standard Plans. Electricity only customers will be switched to E.ON's s Standard rate.
  • Customers can pay via Monthly Direct Debit or prompt Cash or Cheque. Not available to Prepayment customers.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • Single Gas product or Single Electricity is not available with other E.ON products
  • Tesco ClubCard Points are available.
  • No IGT charge.
  • No Mains Gas Discount is not available.
  • Customers can manage their accounts online and get paperless bills but will not receive an online discount.
  • Caveat - The Guarantee applies until 30 June 2012 providing you remain on the plan until this date. The guarantee applies to customers with unrestricted meters with average annual electricity usage of 3,300 units and above, with Economy 7 meters with average annual electricity usage of 2,970 day units and 3,630 night units and above, and/or average annual gas usage of 16,500 units and above. The guarantee includes all discounts and relates to customers who pay by Fixed Monthly Direct Debit or promptly in full by cash or cheque on receipt of the bill and continue to pay in this way. It applies against British Gas' Standard bills for existing customers until 30 June 2012.
  • The unit rates listed are for new customers only. Customers from before the 1st of August 2011 will receive written notification of any change to their prices.

Note: any early termination fees shown may not apply after the contract has expired. Sometimes tariff data changes or becomes out of date when a tariff has been withdrawn. UKPower.co.uk cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the data displayed. Please report any errors to feedbacks@ukpower.co.uk.

Supplier information

E.ON are one of the country's leading electric and gas companies, supplying millions of homes and businesses across the UK. They also offer a range of home energy services, including boiler and central heating installation, maintenance and insurance.

As far as E.ON's green credentials are concerned, they have 21 wind farms located from Cornwall to Northern Ireland. They also built the UK's largest dedicated biomass power station at Lockerbie and they're committed to developing their offshore wind farms in British waters.

E.ON are the world's largest investor-owned electricity and Gas Company. They bought PowerGen in July 2000, though the change was carried out over a long period of time in order to minimise waste and excessive cost.

Other E.ON tariffs

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